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Health is a habit, not an event . We have the latest breakthroughs in science and nutrition to make your health goals realistic and tangible. If you shift your goal and focus on getting healthy, your energy, your sleep quality, and many other body problems will improve. You will notice something interesting – your weight will come off faster.
My idea is to introduce you to the topic of health and state of nutritional ketosis.  Ketosis in basic terms means the body no longer uses sugar as fuel and uses fat. The difference in energy is like using diesel fuel verses electric, one is just a cleaner and more efficient source of energy. With Ketones the burning of fat leaves muscle intact and is the desired result. Ketones are a naturally occurring range of chemicals produced by the body when it breaks down fat and are understood to preserve glucose stores, encourage the burning of fat and preserve skeletal muscle during exercise.
Most people do not know how to burn fat. Instead they count calories or think they can exercise those calories off and get thin. What’s missing in healthy weight loss is the knowledge of how to burn fat, how to use foods and exercise to manipulate your own fat burning hormones. Everything you eat either helps you lose weight or helps you gain weight through the hormone system. But to quickly lose weight, the fast way to lose weight and rejuvenating your metabolism is the healthy right way.
So why are more people looking at  Nutritional Ketosis?

In most parts of the world people live primarily on a carbohydrate diet which uses glucose as the primary fuel for the body instead of Ketones…. but now there is new science that can help people reach the state of Ketosis within hours with a world-wide patented product called Ketonx. These products come to us from the company Forevergreen. Ketopia is a product that helps you to get into nutritional ketosis quickly.
I have provided below some great links to learn about ketosis, insulin, cortisol and how it affects your life and your diet. 
Learn more about the benefits of the ketogenic diet and nutritioinal as described by Dr. Axe

In the  video below Dr Berg  discusses ketosis , and how to lose serious weight with ketosis in a webinar and he speaks about  ketogenic diet, cortisol, the role of insulin, and stress and how it affects your dieting results.  Dr. Berg has many educational  video. Let me know if interested and I will provide you with a list of his videos that talk about physiology and hormones.


The ketopia product, exogenous ketones, and all the products are available on my facebook page:


Do you have breast cancer or or other forms of cancer? Contact me I will talk to you about sugar and cancer and how effetive diet can augment your treatment.

I am available to support you in using dietary and ketosis products but also in supporting you in changing to the ketogenic diet for maintenance and a  continued lifestyle change.  Leave your name, phone, email and leave me a message if you like.  I will contact  you ASAP.  my personal email is [email protected]   Thank you

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What we put inside our bodies is so important.
“Our bodies are our gardens – our will is our gardeners.”  -William Shakespeare
What are the benefits of getting into a Ketogenic Diet?
 1. The Ketogenic Diet helps you lose body-fat, bad cholesterol and preservers your lean body mass.
2. The Ketogenic Diet can augment treatments of  various diseases such as cancer, Alzheimer and epilepsy.
3. Being in ketosis Reduces Hunger
To help you get into ketosis faster, ketopia is available as an exogenous ketone source that puts you into ketosis within a few hours.
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Exercise is really important.  Personally I work out twice a week plus play golf, and go for walks.  
Exercise alone is not great for helping you to lose weight.  30-60 minutes a day will augment your ketogenic lifestyle and regime.  Many athletes are now finding that ketosis has improved their energy and is providing a better source of fuel then the "old carb load".   A combination of sound ketogenic  nutrition and a regular exercise program will support this lifestyle change. 
Let us help guide  you through applying a ketogenic lifetstyle. We have great recipes, and great ideas to help you learn and manage the change. 
Research on Ketosis is available by clicking the button below where, Dr. D'Agostino in a video below discusses his research for the US Navy and his discovery of how the body uses ketones and the benefits of a ketogenic diet.


Dr. D'Agostino
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