Do You Need To Lose Weight Now?    Let's Talk
I have everything you need help you easily lose you weight and inches too.  Plus, you will keep that weight off.
I have a Diet and Exercise Program that has been put together in a simple step by step instructional program that Will Not To Fail.
I am going to introduce to you my nutrition and fitness secrets so that you lose weight and keep it off.
As you can see from my picture, I have so far lost 30 pounds and 20 inches.  My clothing sizes have gone from 20W, 18W, 16W, 16 and now 14.  I still have 30 pounds to lose but steady progress with a convenient easy diet that is good for you and your whole family.  Plus I provide you with my exercise program that you can adapt as you  gradually lose that weight and build up the exercise tolerance.
You may think that this isn't possible, but I did it and so can you. 
My advice has helped HUNDREDS  of clients  burn off  that  stubborn belly fat and thunder thighs.  The exercises I suggest will help you build and tone your muscles.
But before I begin, I want you to be honest with yourself and answer the following questions:
Have ever felt embarrassed about your  dress size or walked out of a store because you couldn't find anything that fit properly.
  • Are you embarrassed in front of people to wear a two piece bathing suit?
  • Have you ever joined a gym and only attended for month or two?
  • Do you get frustrated with the  yoyo diets and end up gaining the weight you lost and then some....?
  • Are you confused about contradictory information and don't know fact from miss-leading product information, or just plain lies?

Would you like to lose all that unwanted fat and get your "sexy" back?
The truth is these were exactly my issues and struggles along the way until I finally found what worked.  As a retired Registered Nurse you would think I would know something about nutrition, but what I discovered is that I had to research and learn the right way to go about dieting and exercise. It didn't seem all that important until others noticed how great I looked and wanted to know my secret. It was when I started to help others that the true research began because I wanted to provide accurate information that was scientifically based and not a fallacy.
This is the most important information you will ever require for the rest of your life.  This is a life lifestyle change, that you will be forever thankful for achieving.
Why do I want to help, mainly because I am passionate as a professional about helping people lose weight, get back in shape and maintain a lifestyle that is healthy from this point forward.   Through the trial and I error , I came to discover what was the easiest, most effective, and most consistent way to burn fat.
If you are struggling to lose weight and can't institute an exercise program because of  weight related health issue. Then listen up, not all of this is your fault.  We have been misled by the food industry and advertising.  Turning your body around takes patience, time, a consistent approach and the good feelings when it starts to work. 

It takes a healthy diet and an exercise program to make your healthy lifestyle successful.  Starving yourself on stupid diets, and trying to cook for yourself and separately for the family  is detrimental.   When you follow a restrictive diet, your body holds onto Stored FAT.... it is a defensive mechanism. When your body senses starvation, Your body holds onto the fat and fluid, when it senses that you are in starvation mode. 
Needless to say there is a great deal of misinformation about all the different kinds of diets and what is trendy and what is healthy and what works.  No wonder you are   confused!!
What Really Works?
On this page, I am going to share what has worked for me and many people that I have helped.  This information is the only advice you will ever need to maintain a healthy body, body image, and healthy state. Just imagine looking into the mirror and smiling.
You do not need to do a ton of exercise, use pills, or go to extremes with dieting.
What I am sharing with you is The Best Fat Burning System you will ever find on the internet.   It involves nutrition training,  an exercise plan and special exercises to help you cope with stubborn areas, and motivation techniques.
All of these together, will boost your metabolism so that you start to lose that weight and keep it off for good!!  So what works?
 I had the wrong information and approach to dieting. I learned to eat food that helped to burn fat, increased my metabilism, stabilized the blood sugar, and promoted a more fuel effecient method for my body to use energy, while eating food I liked and eating food good  for my family too.  

I learned when I stopped the jogging on the tredmill which was bad for my stressed arthritic knees.  I focused on core exercise and safe exercises with the help of a chair that worked to perfectly activate those "slim-enzymes' that got your body focusing on those tough spots and was better for fat loss.
I found that sleep was essential to weight loss especially for women, and that hormones do make a difference. 

I couldn't believe that all these properly instituted measures lead to easy weight loss that was staying off.  I also had tone of energy and I found that the arthritic pain in my knees simply went away. 
I must emphasize at this point and reinforce that it is my simple approach to proper eating and exercise that I found to be the most effective way to lose that fat and keep those inches coming off.   When applied correctly, the fat loss results will come faster, and with more ease.
Needless to say my results improved my confidence and my outlook for retirement and for my future.  I felt great again golfing, swimming, and socializing with my friends and family. I felt absolutely incredible throughout this transformation.
I am looking and feeling better than I have felt for years.
Now you can use my methods to help you achieve the fastest and most effective means to lose that fat and getting to an exercise program that works.
My fat loss solution has all the training, scientific explanations, recipes, sample meal plans and nutrition information you need to succeed.
The exercise program is a road map to help you slowly get back to exercising, and helping your body adapt to that New You. 
I am about to introduce to you the  "Best Simple Burn Fat and Weight Loss Program" ever!
This program is for anyone, regardless of age, sex, or fitness level.  You will start to see results within a few days to a week.  It works because it is based on sound, proven fat loss, scientific research. It hs been proven to work to help clients lose 10, 30, 50 + pounds and many inches off  for good.
Everyone  from Stay -at-Home Moms to Business CEOs have lost that unwanted fat and weight,  thanks to my  "Simple Burn Fat and Weight Loss Program" .
Here are some before and after pictures of myself and others on the program.
When you are successful, and you will be; others will want to know how you did it.  Why stop there, just think about it.  You can follow my program then help others  follow the plan too.  When you share this program,  our company will pay you for the referral, the products your clients use, and they will also reward you for coaching others.   Slowly (or as quickly as you like)  build a residual income that will supplement a retirement income, or full replace your working income. 
To get my nutrition information,  diet secrets, free coaching, and exercise regime  simply go to my website, leave your name and contact info and I will get back to you.   This information is free.  All you need to do is say Yes, you want to lose weight, keep it off and make some extra money too!!

Call me at home and ask me about my weight loss products but also ask me what exercises naturally stimulate those "slim enzymes" so that you lose.         1-226-271-3835